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In the Beginning


Back in 2017 the brewery owner's son, Micah, who was also an aspiring musician, dreamt of opening a hometown brewery with his father, Jason. He imagined it being a place for music festivals, artisan shows, and bringing people together. He worked hard with his cousin and best friend on brewing, branding, and a professional business plan. He eventually ended up moving to Florida to follow his passion for music but passed the torch onto the family to continue on with the dream.



The old boiler room of the Berkeley Mill has been transformed into the beautiful space it is now and the patio is no longer a parking lot, but a space for gathering and enjoying the sunshine with a brew.




As if by fate, Jay connected with our award winning brewers from Chile, Oscar & Andrea, a wonderful partnership was born and the rest is history. Alongside their fabulous team, the brewery continues to attract brewery enthusiasts from both far and wide. Impressing visitors with the beautiful taproom and top-notch brews and ciders.


The Future

Oscar and Andrea aim to grow an appreciation for fine brews through their craft and contributions at PFB. The PFB team aims to delight you with an experience with our brews, like no other you've had. So come, raise your glass and lift your spirits, because we've only just begun.

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